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Thousands have died, but should we let our governors violate our constitutional rights? Should Government be able to mandate what we do to protect ourselves?

Yes, for some this disease is deadly. But this is true for many diseases, every year of our lives. And yet: draconian quarantine actions also have consequences, and history has proven that when when government takes our rights, they do not give them back.

So, let’s greater understand this virus that the Media tells you is so very deadly.

Fatality Rate is Wrong

  • Far more Total Cases, untested infections mean much lower death rate.
  • Estimates put death rate at or lower than the Flu.
  • Testing is rife with errors.
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Italy Proved Nothing

  • Outlier + multiple extenuating factors
  • Death Cert. review found only 12% were directly from COVID-19.
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Media Pushes “Novel”, “No Cure”—But: Virus Structurally Similar

  • Contradiction pushes for Vaccine or Anti-Viral, ignores existing cheap solutions, favoring expensive future ones.
  • Conflict of Interest: Pharmaceutical Industry pays billions to Media for Advertising.
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Quarantine Not Free—Has a Cost in Human Suffering

  • Suicide increases with unemployment, poor disproportionately affected.
  • Some estimate that Deaths from Despair could exceed that of the Virus.
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  • Governors have banned Freedom of Assembly, in some ways: Speech, and some have sought to violate the 2nd Amendment.
  • We can not sacrifice some rights, and yet expect the rest to remain.
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Vaccine Risky, Will Not Be Soon

  • Only Phase 1 of 3 Human Trials have begun. Phase 1 will still take a year.
  • Prior attempts to create a coronavirus vaccine have failed, with warnings AGAINST a human trial.
  • Animal Trial showed vaccination caused deadly response to future infection.
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What Now?

If the Loss of our Fundamental Rights to “protect” the public health concern you, contact your state representatives, your city and county councils, sheriff, chief of police, and be vocal.

Check the Events Page, for events you can get involved in. In Olympia, WA on April 19th there was a massive rally at the State Capitol, and other rallies have erupted across the nation and world. You are not alone in your concern.

If you’re in Washington State, especially Clark County, contact us and we can give you a list of the contacts we’ve used.

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