In a day and age when our government decides who or what, is or is not essential, when they make decisions that strip your very most basic and fundamental rights, you need resources and community connection to protect yourself. Government can not be depended on to do it for you. They have clearly demonstrated that very fact most egregiously. Here are some tools being developed to help restrain the government overreach.

Resources are focused in Clark County and WA State, but many reach further.

Submit your Events/Rallies with us.

Register on/reference for a phone number to rally immediate support to you in the event of an emergency violation of your rights. Site run by local patriot in Clark County, WA.

People’s Rights Washington

  • Text “Rights” to 80123 to get onto list to keep up to date on events, and get notifications of needed attendance to support the rights of individuals and businesses. (Or sign up online.)
  • Call and email for immediate support in the event of a violation of your rights (similar to CallToActionLibertyBell, but run by different organization). After signing up by text or website, you will be provided with local phone # and email to contact.
  • Website and blog with resources/events, Constitutional Rights. They also have a Washington State specific site. You may want to visit both.
  • Facebook page with videos. All FB pages were censored in mid-October, additional social media added, including Parler, Twitter, Youtube, etc.
  • Telegram Channels:
    • 2 for news, focused on Washington State/Clark County area: WA PR, Neighbors Uniting Neighbors
    • Chats: There are many based on your area, all private and you can get access after signing up.
  • Weekly meetings – the time has changed… Unsure when/where it is currently.

Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer – whether you are religious or not, Joey is an honest, good person that is focused on fighting for all of our rights, and he is based in Clark County, offering guidance and encouragement. What is Patriot Prayer?

Family Freedom Coalition of Washington – is a Political Action Committee focused on helping support and elect politicians that will fight for our Rights. Follow their FB page or Instagram and see how to get involved. (Update: I believe the PAC has dissolved, but this is still a resource for events/awareness.)

Hazardous Liberty – Originally based in Washington, and an early event organizer, the creator moved out of state. Knowledgeable about our rights. On facebook / twitter

Informed Choice Washington – Body Autonomy is about as fundamental a right as you can get. If we can’t choose what is injected into our bodies or that of our children, then we have nothing. ICWA is Washington State’s advocate to educate about vaccine risk, promote scientific integrity, and demand there always be Informed Consent. If you are Vaccine Risk Aware, sign up today.

Truth Ark – located in the Seattle area, these freedom loving individuals are doing amazing work. There has been some discussion about ways to hold businesses accountable for mandating masks, they have a brief on how to approach this. We can not yet vouch for the effectiveness of this approach, but it is well thought out.

Do you have a good resource? Please share.

(Image by 11417994 from Pixabay)

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