Camas High School Pushes Rated R Material on Children without Parental Consent

One of the required books for freshman English is inappropriate for 14/15 year olds.

Despite clear requirements in the School District policy that parental consent must be given for any Rated R film, the spirit of this policy was ignored for a book. The Hate U Give has profuse vulgar language, sexual situations, and anti-white, anti-police rhetoric.

FULL DISCLOSURE: We have not read this book cover-to-cover, but we have read the first six chapters and scanned through the rest. Strangely, there is another book that the teachers were readily able to offer as an alternative. One that does not have anywhere near the content concerns of The Hate U Give. So, why was that book not the required reading material?

When asked about the assigned book, staff we spoke to defended the book by stating a Material Committee, made up of educators and parents, put the book on the district’s approved list. Therefore, it did not need parental consent. It was also pointed out that the book has awards and was considered 13+ per Regardless, that doesn’t make unacceptable material acceptable.

Administrators need to know that parents are paying attention. That their judgment is in question. We wouldn’t call this book appropriate, but if they think it is they can validate that with a permission slip signed by each parent.

Because seeing is believing, below are 7 pages from The Hate U Give.

WARNING – Explicit Content:

Take Action

Contact the School Administration, School Board, and share.

(Updated 2/17/23 to include Lisa Greseth’s contact info.)

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