Clark County Rally – Freedom is the Cure

May 1st, we rallied at the County Courthouse, and about 75+ people showed up. We had some speakers including Rep Vicki Kraft for District 17. We marched down 12th St. to Broadway, back 13th, and around the block of county buildings that included Sheriff Atkins and we ended in front of the Public Service Center where the County Councillors work.

We had lots of positive feedback from passerby, and look forward to doing another event, until Clark County and Washington Open Back up!

Thanks to everyone for showing up!


The Columbian did a brief article, not bad, there is a negative slant on Vicki Kraft, and the comments are loaded with vitriol.

ABC-affiliate KATU2 has a spare 9 minutes of video on Facebook that had no speakers, no rally cries, and not even the interview with Vicki Kraft that she spent at least 15 minutes in front of the camera with him on. The 9 minutes is as we are leaving the steps of the courthouse to march the Vancouver streets.

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