Media Pushes “Novel”, “No Cure”—But: Virus Structurally Similar

Those making vaccines and anti-virals call it so structurally similar to SARS and MERS that drugs/biologics will be quickly available. This is a convenient contradiction when billions of government dollars are on the table and the public has been whipped into fear, desperate for any solution, no matter how many corners were cut in the clinical trials.

Even in regards to the testing, also similar to SARS.

Both SARS & COVID-19 appear to have come from China, and from bats. SARS had a high death rate of confirmed cases vs. fatalaties of nearly 10%, similar to what is seen with COVID-19. That was back in 2003, no vaccine was ever approved, and yet it has never cropped up again—as far as we know. But no one is tested for this every year. How do we know that it has not continued to persist?

And why is hydroxychloroquine not all over the news as a solution (or intravenous Vitamin C for that matter)? It’s been in use for decades as an anti-malerial drug, and has shown great efficacy across many hospitals. And yet, all the news media talks of is: We need a vaccine, and we need anti-virals.

Of which none are approved.

If any make it through testing they would be new, therefore lucrative, as opposed to an old drug, that is cheap.

Conflict of Interest

Pharmaceutical Industry pays billions to Media for Advertising, which is just one reason why we have to do more than just take what they have to say at surface value.

Remedies Exist Now

Despite what Mainstream News would have you believe, there are plenty of remedies that exist now, are inexpensive, and are proving to have a high success rate with those that are unfortunate enough to develop the worst symptoms. This is a website put together by a passionate group of volunteers to share these remedies:

And with the billions of dollars at play working on “novel” cures for this “novel” virus, industry has it in their best interest to manipulate media to squash any and all opposition to the windfalls they are pursuing.

It is commonplace now for Social Media to censor any opposition, in the proclaimed interest of “saving us” from what they call “misinformation”. But these are gatekeepers to information, and they are deciding what is or is not “misinformation”. Attitudes like this are not part of a free society.

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