No to Camas Schools

Is anyone surprised that the Camas school district is asking to renew two levies that are set to expire? Teachers went on a strike at the beginning of the school year of ’23 since they were not satisfied with their pay increase the district had issued. Teachers wanted more and felt that the district had the money. If the district had such a surplus of money, why are they asking to renew levies?

Michael Sanchez, who is the vice president of the Camas Education Association (CEA) told the Post-Record in August ’23 that the union felt that the district could afford to increase teacher salaries due to the “stockpile” of money that the district had.

Sanchez told community members Tuesday that the union believes the district can afford its current proposal.

“We are bargaining for a cost-of-living increase that keeps up with local inflation,” Sanchez said. “With the stockpile of funds the district is sitting on, they can afford this increase.”

The district has said it cannot afford to use more of its general-fund reserves having already used the one-time revenue source to offset revenue shortfalls and taking the fund balance down to around 8% of the general fund.

Camas Post Record: Camas teachers’ strike continues; school district says it has made ‘last, best and final’ offer from 8/29/23

Camas school district is hoping these levies are renewed by highlighting that taxes will not rise. However, if these levies do not pass, taxes should decrease, right? Not everyone in the community has gained such a substantial income increase like Camas teachers, and they could use some relief by being taxed less.

The teachers pushed for such a raise and now they will need to accept the consequences of said raise.

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