Action Plan: Bring Camas Liberty from Lockdown

(This document will be updated with further steps/details.)

We all know that Inslee’s Orders will not stop until he has been assured by his handlers that the world is once again safe from big, bad viruses, and we can all go back to not washing our hands and sneezing all over random strangers.

Our greatest impact as voting, and involved citizens is at the local level. To that end we need to keep pushing and here are some steps to try and bring that sanity back to Camas.

If you want Liberty restored, along with our fundamental Human Rights as Free Americans, then here are some steps:

1.) Sign the petition to make Camas a “Sanctuary” from Jay Inslee’s draconian orders. We elected our Camas leadership to represent us, not to hand down decrees from the State. Tell our leadership that they are accountable to us.

2.) Sign the physical petition that will be presented to the city council to challenge them to stand against Inslee’s orders. Read it here, then contact us for a location to sign. (Write one sentence as to why you want to sign.)
*As of 8/3/20: This will be available to sign for a limited time.

3.) Contact City Leadership and tell them what you think of their inaction. Citizens and businesses are being impacted by Camas’s blind acceptance of what is passed down from the state, despite the irrelevant rules. A federal district court judge has decreed that Inslee can not enforce his orders. Enforcement falls to local officials, thereby so does liability for trying to enforce violations of our constitutional rights.

*Also concerned about what is happening in our schools? See the School Action Plan here.

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