Action Plan: No Masks at School

(This document will be updated with further steps/details.)

Out of concern for what school will become with forced masking and required social distancing, schools in the fall look like they will become sterile isolation centers, rather than caring educational environments. This is not what we want for our children, or for anyone’s child. Which is why we are drafting an Action Plan to defeat such measures.

Our focus is on Clark County and then at Washington State.

The Plan

1.) Phone, and Email campaign to school leadership. (i.e. District and State: School Board, District Office, Superintendent, etc.)
*Clark County School District Contact Info
*Sample letters

2.) Fill out Clark County Electronic Petition. Make a County-wide statement!
*See Results, if you have already taken the poll.

3.) Showing individual district impact is important. We are collecting physical signatures, and how many children will be removed from school for Camas (and maybe Washougal). Will share results with leadership. Contact us to sign and how to help collect signatures.

4.) More steps coming…

*Sign up for the Newsletter for updates and check back as this plan develops.


*Face Masks Don’t Work

(Image by 11417994 from Pixabay)

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3 years ago

You are out of your mind. Please homeschool your kids and stay home.

3 years ago
Reply to  Boomer

You are entitled to your opinion, but you should really read the science for yourself. Face masks don’t work and the death rate is in line with the flu. This is nothing to restructure society for and cause irreparable harm to us and our kids. If you want to social distance and wear masks, then feel inclined to do so, but please do not push your fear on us.

Donna Torres
Donna Torres
3 years ago

I completely agree. I want our schools to go back to a normal environment for our children. If they mandate this in the fall, we are pulling our four out of school to homeschool. I wonder how soon the government will make homeschool illegal