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*UPDATE 8/15/20* As of 8/6/20, the charges against Kelly Carroll have been dropped. The vigilant support of many patriots, lovers of freedom, and considerate souls that could see how very wrong this all was have helped push back against the City of Vancouver, and they have dropped the charges. Please see below to see how you can help support Kelly as she tries to pay for the legal charges she incurred in this process. See her GoFundMe page for details.

Local business owner Kelly Carroll opened up her dog grooming business mid-May to oppose “King” Inslee’s decree that only some were considered essential. She had just dumped her savings into the business to start it months before, only to have Inslee come along and decide that she was not essential. After exhausting her options, finding no monetary help from the State and realizing that someone had to take a stand against the governor, she reopened with a crowd of 200+ supporters outside.

Days later the Vancouver City Police showed up, and early June she received a summons for her court date where they are looking to press Criminal Charges!

When a single person can make law, that is not called a Democracy, that is called a Monarchy. In Clark County, Sheriff Atkins has declared that enforcement of Inslee’s orders was limited to education only. So, while we do not know who put the Vancouver City Police up to the task of the first visit, or the Vancouver City Attorney Kevin McClure up to the task of prosecution, it appears likely that King Inslee is trying to make an example of Kelly and throw the full power of the State at a Grandma that grooms dogs.

A service, by the way, that for some dog breeds is essential for survival, and for some people those dogs are essential to their life.

Pets, especially dogs, are as important as family for some. But Inslee’s arbitrary orders make her act a criminal one, while allowing giant superstores like Wal-Mart, Freddy’s, and Costco to be open, with hundreds, if not thousands circulating through their business each day, while small businesses are lucky to have dozens.

This is not sensible, logical, or democratic.

Kelly didn’t ask for this fight, she took on this challenge out of necessity, and she took it on for us. She knew that a statement had to be made, she knew that she had to stand up.

She did. Now we must help support her, because that support is supporting ourselves and making a statement to the State that we are Free, and that we are American. All that we cherish as a free people is being threatened by this kind of government overreach. If Kelly can be charged, than any of us can be. Stand up for Kelly, she stood up for us, and standing for her is standing up for our children!

Call to Action to Support

Let’s be respectful, but firm with our demand that Kelly Carroll’s charges be dropped.

  1. Her arraignment at court is July 16th, we must bombard the city attorney and city council with emails and phone calls to let them know our disapproval. The city council hired the attorney, they can also fire him.
    *Vancouver City Contact List: emails / phone numbers
    *Sample Email
  2. On June 22nd, 1-2pm, join us as a letter is delivered to Sheriff Atkins to request him to stand up for Kelly’s rights. (see fb event page or our Events Page)
  3. Share and Donate to Kelly’s GoFundMe page. (Details of charges, copy of summons, video of Kelly all included.)
  4. Like and follow her facebook page to keep abreast of changes.

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Then check Freedom Resources to further connect with such organizations as People’s Rights Washington that fight for your Natural Rights.

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